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  • Leonard Bruce

Action Sheet Database FAQs

I need somewhere to respond to various questions that I receive from the public on the Action Sheet Database. As I get new ones or as information evolves I will update here!

Q. Can you shade every other line in the database for easier visibility?

A. I wish! This would make it much easier to read. Airtable doesn't allow this function right now, but it's on their product roadmap. Once it's available I will implement it or add a tutorial on how do it yourself.

Q. Can you link the items associated with their files? PDFs of Resolutions, reports, etc?

A. Maybe. I pulled this information from GRIN action sheets, but the original documents are housed in CCSO. I believe they have an electronic copy of most submissions, but those are not all public records according to CCSO policy.

It is possible to add documents to this database for resolutions and ordinances, so maybe someday. It will mean a LOT of record requests to CCSO, and that is time consuming.

Reports and information in new and unfinished business are NOT considered public record. In my past experience with CCSO I have been told that reports need to be requested from the reporting agency following their individual departmental or organizational policy. So this is a maybe, but unlikely.

Also, note that meeting minutes are NOT considered public record and can not be requested.

Q. Can you post the associated GRIN documents where you found this information?

A. Yes! For this project I have a Google Drive Link that you can access my archive of GRIN documents. Note that my records and this database are missing the following:

- Action Sheet - second June Meeting 2011

- GRIN issue April 2012

- GRIN issue June 2012

- GRIN issue October 2012

- Action Sheet - second December Meeting 2019

- GRIN issue (2) February 2020

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