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Professional Experience
(Job Learnin')

Senior Planner & Policy Analyst

Nov 2019 - Present

Hey, this is where I am today! I work with GRIC's Department of Environmental Quality doing work around policy development and planning for the future. I also get to flex my evaluator skills from time to time to help maintain our position as a nationally recognized tribal environmental office.

Systems Administrator

Aug 2019 - Nov 2019

I worked briefly for Gila River Healthcare as an HR System Admin. I learned a great deal about HR systems and the state of our Healthcare system in Gila River. I also figured out how the heck a 401K works... but ultimately I wanted to move back to doing more policy and less coding.

Program Evaluator

Aug 2017 - Aug 2019

At the GRIC Office of the Community Manager I primarily worked with elected officials, department directors, and community stakeholders to better the Community through increased efficiency and evaluation. It was here that I learned how policy meets practice.

Grant Coordinator

Aug 2017 - Aug 2019

At GRIC Employment and Training I was promoted to develop and run a new AmeriCorps grant. I developed a program and supervised a team of AmeriCorps members who provided services to Veterans and military families in the first iteration of a Veteran Service Office for Gila River.


Apr 2014 - Aug 2014

I interned with GRIC Employment & Training office providing case management services to youth and adults looking to develop their work skills. I also did a fair bit of research and grant writing. This internship was the first time I realized that I love research and program building, but also that I really don't want to be a counselor. 

Production Lead

March 2010 - April 2014

I worked at Papa Johns Manufacturing Center making dough. Like, LOTS of dough. Our team was responsible for manufacturing thousands of pounds of dough every day for stores and schools for American Southwest, Mexican, and Latin American locations. I learned a lot about process and optimization at this job along with the kneads of factory workers.

Various Jobs


Ah, my humble beginnings. My earliest jobs were a cashier at Wendys and a customer service representative at a pool place along with various other odd jobs along the way.

Educational Experience
(Book Learnin')


Bachelor of Science Degree


Masters Degree 
Science & Techology Policy

In Progress

Human & Social Dimensions of Science & Technology

Other Experiences
(Life Learnin')

2016 - Present

Google Next Gen Policy Leader

Google Next Gens are a select group of diverse professionals who work at the intersection of tech policy and racial justice. Next Gens convene to share training and knowledge with each other to better understand tech policy impacts on communities of color.

2018 - 2019

Volunteer - Three Precious Miracles (TPM)

TPM's mission is to support the foster families of Native American children who are displaced so they can provide a loving, caring, and culturally sensitive home. They do work with a ton of local Arizona tribes providing front-line support and information for parents housing indigenous youth.


Tribal Professional Cohort

January in Tucson (JIT) is put on by the University of Arizona to bring together professional in the field of Indigenous governance and Indigenous rights to give them the opportunity to teach and hold discussions with Indigenous leaders, practitioners, and community members.

2014 - 2017

Indian Nations Camp

Indian Nations Camp is a week-long summer camp put on by GRIC Employment & Training. The camp is around 100-150 youth from Arizona tribal communities that is a place for learning life skills, sharing culture, and meeting new friends.

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