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O'odham Learning Library

A research library for O'odham-related media - stories, songs, dissertations, research.

What is the Data Source?

Many of the sources came from my own research into O'odham history and publications. I eventually stumbled upon the amazing Fontana Bibliography and supercharged the project.

Why did I do this Project?

I want to help other O'odham connect with our history. Going through a bunch of repositories is a grind, and I want people to have a resource to make their search easier.

Our Ancestors have left behind so much amazing knowledge - we just need a way to find it!

This looks a lot like your Book and Thesis Table...

The project grew out of that original dataset. I've included where my entries and Fontana's overlap and my (meager) contribution to the work.

​You can check my blog post for this project if you want to see the database and learn more about my process.

Project Information

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