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O'otham Inspired 3d Models

An O'otham inspired 3D model and historical summary

What is the Data Source?

The data source is mainly from Frank Russel’s “The Pima Indians” and J William Lloyd’s “Aw-Aw’Tam Nights”. Thin Leather bat tells some of the earliest recorded stories and songs in these books.

Why did I do this Project?

When I first started learning about 3D printing I wanted to print out something related to Native Americans for my kids. Something I could print and use as a prop for them to learn about their culture and where they come from. But I couldn’t find anything online other than tipis and half-naked men with tomahawks.

So, I started thinking about designing my own models. I originally wanted a home or an object like a Kiaha or baby basket, but I kept coming back to these two books and the O’Otham man that was the source of all this early recorded knowledge about our Ancestors, songs, and stories.

So, with some guidance from GRIC elders and my friends I decided to commission this O’Otham model and put together the short first historical summary using Thin Leather bat as my inspiration.

I’m hoping to eventually come back and do more of these when I find time (and funding) – there are so many amazing people in our Community history and living today!

Project Information

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